Enemies, Old and New (quest)

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HordeEnemies Old and New
Start Karrtog
End Karrtog
Level 70 (Requires 64)
Type Daily PvP
Category Nagrand
Experience 12,650
Reputation +500 The Mag'har
Rewards 209 honor
4g 40s
Repeatable Yes

In Patch 2.4.0 world PVP quests were implemented. Each one awards gold and honor and is obtained separately for each faction from the quest hub nearest the objective.


Defeat 10 enemy players in Halaa and return to Karrtog in Garadar.

  • Halaa Enemy Combatant slain (10)


Our ancient enemy, the draenei, have returned with powerful allies. They wage war in Halaa, southwest of here.

We cannot allow them a victory there as Garadar would be next without a doubt.

Go and slay those who would aid our ancient enemy.


You bring great honor to our people. You have our thanks.


You will receive: 4g 40s



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