Enemies At Our Door

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NeutralEnemies At Our Door
Zouchin Village under attack

88 (Requires 87)




10g 60s


N [88] Revelations


Defeat 10 Zandalari Berserkers, 5 Zandalari Behemoths, and 3 Zandalari Bloodriders.


The Zandalari have begun their attack! You must help defend the village!

If we can't push them back, we will never find the Thunder King's remains!


You will receive: 10g 60s


The village must be saved!


The Zandalari have started to retreat, <name>. This victory will mean a great deal to the villagers.

In the chaos I was able to capture one of the fighters. Perhaps we can get some information from him.


  • 161000 XP


On accept, the phase changes:

Lorewalker Cho says: Hurry, elders! You must hide!
Elder Hou says: We're doomed!

The Zandalari are attacking in force! Amani Berserkers have passed the defense line and are being fielded by Zouchin Defenders and Zouchin Archers inside town. Amani Behemoths are charging the barricades on the northwest path down to the beach. Elder Shu is standing guard and has prepared some Blasting Barrels:

Elder Shu says: Hurry, <name>! Use the barrels to defeat those monstrositites!

Interact with a barrel to instantly kill the behemoths being fielded by the defenders at the barricade. Another handful will come up the path, so repeat the process. After that, cut through town to the northeast path, where Shomi is leading the guards.

Shomi yells: Riders approach!
Shomi says: Wait for it...
Shomi yells: Now!

Help the guards take out the Gurubashi Bloodriders.

Finally, return to Cho in the inn.


Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Cho's Missive

  1. N [88] Path Less Traveled
  2. N [88] Instant Courage & N [88] They Stole My Luck! & N [88] Resupplying One Keg
  3. N [88] Comin' Round the Mountain
  4. N [88] One Traveler's Misfortune
  5. N [88] Seeker's Folly
  6. N [88] The Tongue of Ba-Shon
  7. N [88] Staying Connected
  8. N [88] An End to Everything
  9. N [88] It Was Almost Alive
  10. N [88] The Tomb of Shadows
  11. N [88] Breaking the Emperor's Shield
  12. N [88] Stealing Their Thunder King
  13. N [88] Lessons from History
  14. N [88] Chasing the Storm
  15. N [88] Fisherman's Tale
  16. N [88] It Takes A Village & N [88] Handle With Care & N [88] What's Yours Is Mine & N [88] Make A Fighter Out of Me
  17. N [88] Enemies At Our Door
  18. N [88] Revelations
  19. [Maggot Slurry]

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