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Engine of Nalak'sha

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Engine of Nalak'sha

The Engine of Nalak'sha was a titan facility found hidden within the Mogu'shan Vaults. The mogu salvaged and repurposed this technology to further advance their empire.[1] The facility, along with its protector Ra-den, was discovered by Lei Shen who was able to defeat the titanic watcher and claim some of his power for himself.[2] Elegon now watches over this device defending it from anyone that should not be there.


  • The term Nalak means something in either the Titan tongue or Mogu language, probably "Serpent."[3]
  • That the Engine of Nalak'sha is located within the Mogu'shan Vaults in Kun-Lai, but was accessed by Lei Shen from the Isle of Thunder (Thundering Mountain at the time) gives some indication of just how large Titan facilities can be.