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Enigma Seed

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  • Enigma Seed
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Plant an Enigma Seed.
  • "The enigma seed is named for its mysterious ability to germinate into a random Pandaren herb."
  • Sell Price: 25s


Growing Enigma Seed

Enigma Seeds will result in a  [Green Tea Leaf],  [Silkweed],  [Fool's Cap],  [Rain Poppy],  [Snow Lily] or a  [Golden Lotus] being grown in the plot. As with herbing,  [Golden Lotus] will result in only 1 received, while with  [Green Tea Leaf],  [Silkweed]],  [Rain Poppy],  [Fool's Cap] and  [Snow Lily] 2-4 will be received. Unlike gathering them in the wild, however, Golden Lotuses harvested from an Enigma Seed will not give the [Luck of the Lotus] buff.


Enigma Seeds are purchased from Merchant Greenfield for 90s and can be planted at Sunsong Ranch.

Also available from Enigma Seed Packs.

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