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Enigma Seed

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  • Enigma Seed
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Plant an Enigma Seed.
  • "The enigma seed is named for its mysterious ability to germinate into a random Pandaren herb."
  • Sell Price: 25s


Growing Enigma Seed

Enigma Seeds will result in a  [Green Tea Leaf],  [Silkweed],  [Fool's Cap],  [Rain Poppy],  [Snow Lily] or a  [Golden Lotus] being grown in the plot. As with herbing,  [Golden Lotus] will result in only 1 received, while with  [Green Tea Leaf],  [Silkweed]],  [Rain Poppy],  [Fool's Cap] and  [Snow Lily] 2-4 will be received. Unlike gathering them in the wild, however, Golden Lotuses harvested from an Enigma Seed will not give the Luck of the Lotus buff.


Enigma Seeds are purchased from Merchant Greenfield for 90s and can be planted at Sunsong Ranch.

Also available from Enigma Seed Packs.

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