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Enraged Sethrak Warden

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MobEnraged Sethrak Warden
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Gender Male
Race Sethrak (Humanoid)
Level 111 - 120 Elite
Health 51,548
Mana 590,210
Reaction Horde
Location Nazmir
Status Killable

Enraged Sethrak Wardens are sethrak located in Nazmir.


  • Alchemical Tolerance - This creature has benefited from a Greater Healing potion recently and won't be able to benefit from another until it has left combat to recover.
  • Lesser Healing Potion - The caster hurls a vial of healing salve at the target, restoring a portion of their health.
  • Venomous Spit - The caster spits venom at the target, poisoning them for Nature damage every 3 sec for 9 sec.

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