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  • Envoy's Log
  • Binds when picked up
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Most of the pages are covered in mud but the last few are still legible."
  • Sell Price: 25g


The Envoy's Log is found in the Envoy's Satchel at [40.9, 20.2] next to a dead Krugmok Wolfscream, envoy of the Iron Horde, southeast of the lava pools at Bloodmaul Stronghold.


Envoy's Log

<It appears that the envoy has been keeping a journal.>

Day 3,

We have arrived at the Bloodmaul camp. Their chief Borgal refused to talk with with[sic] me unless I promised to buy a few cartloads of slaves. The charge was of course way higher than[sic] I should have paid but I need their goodwill on this mission.

Borgal has agreed, at a ridiculous price, to have his slaves mine into the sites we have indicated and turn over to us anything that may be found.

Even though the prophet Garrosh says that an artifact lays buried under this mountain I question the wisdom of employing the Bloodmaul to find it. Orders are orders nonetheless...

Day 7,

Our digging results so far have resulted in just rocks and dirt. The ogres are starting to mumble about getting rid of us. Another pouch full of coins in Borgal's hand seemed to smooth things over.

Day 10,

More rocks and dirt.

Day 14,

Late last night there was a strange commotion in the southwest cave. What exactly happened I'm not sure, but I observed several slaves hauling bodies out of the cave entrance.

This might be from the " [Soulgrinder]" mentioned in the breifing[sic].

Day 15,

Borgal refused to turn over the artifact!

I will not allow that fat ogre to keep Iron Horde property!

I have discussed the matter with my guards and we are going to return in the morning and force him to hand over the artifact or else!

<The following pages are blank.>

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