Escaped From Gilneas

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HordeEscaped From Gilneas
Start Automatic
End Executor Zygand [60.5, 51.9]
Level 7 (Requires 5)
Category Tirisfal Glades
Experience 320
Reputation +75 Undercity
Rewards 85c
Previous H [5] Darkhound Pounding
Next H [8] Annihilate the Worgen or H [8] A Thorn in our Side (both optional)


Report the worgen's presence to Executor Zygand at Brill in Tirisfal Glades.


As far as you know, a worgen rogue roaming in Tirisfal is a new development. This is something that Executor Zygand would certainly be interested in.


You will receive: 85c


Hmm... yes, that makes sense. Since the worgen have come streaming out of Gilneas, I knew it would only be a matter of time before they arrived here in Tirisfal.


While out and about in southwest Tirisfal, relatively close to the border with Silverpine Forest, a Worgen Infiltrator stands a chance of spawning on players. Hostile, but not attackable, it says:

Worgen Infiltrator says: You deserve to lose this land, for what you people did to us! Now back off, or face the wrath of the worgen!

Accept the quest, then complete what other objectives necessary before heading back to Brill to turn in.


  1. Complete all of
    • Scarlets
    1. H [6] Reaping the Reapers
    2. H [6] The Scarlet Palisade
    3. H [6] A Scarlet Letter
    • New Plague
    1. H [6] Fields of Grief
    2. H [6] Variety is the Spice of Death
    3. H [6] Johaan's Experiment
  2. H [6] Gordo's Task
  3. H [5] Darkhound Pounding
  4. H [6] Holland's Experiment

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