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Essence of Order

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BossEssence of Order
Image of Essence of Order
Race Devourer of souls (Uncategorized)
Level ?? Boss
Health 12,606,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shrine of Lost Souls, Black Temple

The Essence of Order appears within the Shrine of Lost Souls in the Pursuing the Black Harvest scenario. Its soulcore is filled with arcane magic.


The Essence of Order uses two main attacks:

  • Spellfire creates a line of fire on the ground that deals high damage while you stand in it. It goes in the direction you're standing when the cast starts, so move to the side as soon as the cast begins.
  • Hellfire is a channeled ability that pulses for damage every second. Interrupt it as quickly as possible.

Periodically, the Essence of Order will summon several Lost Souls. Use whatever aoe damage you have at your disposal to get rid of them.



The powers of this place are NOT for your kind, warlock!
Summoning Lost Souls
Face the souls of those your kind doomed to perish, Warlock!
If you love demons so much... then you shall have them!

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