Essence of the Cursed Conqueror

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Essence of the Cursed Conqueror is used to purchase the following items from Alliance Thelett Shaleheart <Raid Vendor>Alliance Welbiz Cheerwhistle <Raid Finder Vendor>Alliance Clarice Chapmann <Heroic Vendor>Alliance Lorry Warmheart <Mythic Vendor> in Shrine of Seven Stars and Horde Nadina Stargem <Raid Vendor>Horde Blizzix Sparkshiv <Raid Finder Vendor>Horde Ki'agnuu <Heroic Vendor>Horde Tu'aho Pathcutter <Mythic Vendor> in Shrine of Two Moons:


This item drops from Garrosh Hellscream in Siege of Orgrimmar.

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