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Essence of the Executioner

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  • Essence of the Executioner
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Unlocks the Fate's End appearance for Ulthaleth, the Deadwind Harvester.
  • Classes: Warlock
  • "Distilled from the skulls of great champions, this essence offers great power to those willing to pay the dark cost."

The Essence of the Executioner is dropped by Satiel in the Well of the Forgotten in Deadwind Pass.

As a quest objective


To obtain the hidden appearance for the affliction warlock artifact, you must first be level 110 and have a minimum of Artifact Knowledge Rank 5 before the  [Grimoire of the First Necrolyte] will have a chance to drop from eredar mobs in the Broken Isles. Azsuna is a good zone to farm for the grimoire due to the concentration of eredar mobs in Faronaar.

Once you have the grimoire and picked up its quest, complete rare elite world quests in which the target could reasonably be presumed to have a humanoid skull (such as a murloc versus a wolf). Due to the relative rarity of such world quests and the limitation on which mobs are eligible, this will take some time to complete. IMPORTANT: Do not complete said world quests while in a raid group!

After finally collecting the required 13  [Skull of the Executed], take the portal from Stormwind City / Orgrimmar to the Blasted Lands. Fly west to Morgan's Plot near Karazhan in Deadwind Pass and travel down the stairs of the Forgotten Crypt until you have reached the Executioner's Altar in the Well of the Forgotten. Turn in the first quest and pick up the final quest to perform the ritual, upon which Sataiel's soul will manifest and fight you. Kill her and loot the Essence of the Executioner.

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