Etched Rune (old)

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For Cataclysm version, see A Hunter [3] Etched Rune.
AllianceEtched Rune

1 (Requires 1)




40 EXP (or 30c at level 70)


Read the  [Etched Rune] and speak to Thorgas Grimson in Coldridge Valley.


While you were helping me out, this rune was given to me to pass on to you. Take some time to read it when you have a chance. I'm thinkin' it came from the hunter trainer Thorgas. Take a gander at it and go find him inside Anvilmar when you've a chance.


Ya made it! Good to hear! Betcha didn't have to track me to find the place either. Haha! Our profession is pretty steeped in tradition, <name>. Learning the ways of the land. Learning to track a bear through the mountains. Even just surviving on wits alone takes a great deal of courage and cunning. Think you're capable?


One thing you should always remember is that you gotta respect the world you're livin' in. The beasts that choose to fight along side you; the shine of your weapon; the weight of your ammo; the bite of a bitter wind; all these things you need to know intimately. I'll do what I can to help you, but most of the work's up to you. Anytime you think you're ready, come back and talk to me. I'll train you when I can.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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