Ethel Waterwise

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NeutralEthel Waterwise
Image of Ethel Waterwise
Gender Female
Race Highmountain tauren (Humanoid)
Level 100-110
Health 440,251
Mana 533,107
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Highmountain Tribe
Location Thunder Totem, Highmountain [53.6, 20.6]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sella (daughter), Rordan (son-in-law), Moozy (grandson)

Ethel Waterwise is an elderly Highmountain tauren and the mother of Sella Waterwise (and thus the grandmother of Moozy Waterwise), found in a hut on the northern bluff of Thunder Totem. Players escort her to her family at the Hammer's Cradle during N [100 - 110] Moozy's Reunion.


N [100 - 110] Moozy's Reunion
What's that? Speak into my good ear.
Gossip Your family is at the Hammer's Cradle.
Ah, these old bones haven't moved in a while.

If the player goes behind her or runs too far ahead during the escort quest, she will say one of the following:

  • Can't see you, <name>!
  • Get where I can see you!
  • What are you waiting for? Let's get moving!
  • I guess you'd rather I fall off the edge of Thunder Totem than escort me.
  • Slow down, <bull calf/heifer>!
  • Why is everyone always in such a hurry?
  • Wait for me!
  • There was a time when young ones were nice to old ladies.

Halfway across the bridge to the main structure of Thunder Totem, a Fleshrender Roc will swoop down on Ethel, but she simply chases it off.

Get outta here, varmint!

Other things she might say during the journey:

  • What a nice young <man/woman>.
  • Let's go see Moozy!
  • Have you seen Moozy's smile? Gets it from me, I suspect.
  • Little Moozy is a gorgeous calf.
  • My daughter really is a beautiful woman.
  • When do you think Sella will give me more grandchildren?

Upon arriving inside the Hammer's Cradle, the following exchange occurs.

Ethel walks up to Moozy Waterwise, who is lying in a basket hanging from his mother Sella's back.
Ethel Waterwise says: There's my Moozy...
Ethel snatches the basket from Sella, puts it on her own back and starts dancing.
Sella Waterwise yells: Mother!
However, Sella then starts laughing. Before long, Ethel hands Moozy back to his mother.


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  1. ^ Shwayder on Twitter - To David Kim, cosplayer : "Ethel is one of my favorite characters I made in Legion. You get her, sir. Thank you for doing her justice. Such a nice young man."

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