Ethereal Theurgist

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MobEthereal Theurgist
Image of Ethereal Theurgist
Race Ethereal (Humanoid)
Level 66 - 72 Elite
Class Mage
Health 4,228 - 6,930
Mana 2,790 - 3,309
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shaffar's ethereals
Location Mana-Tombs
Status Killable

Ethereal Theurgists are level 66 - 72 ethereals that can be found in the Mana-Tombs.


  • Spell holy excorcism 02.png  Blast Wave — Unleashes a wave of flame, inflicting Fire damage to nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed for 6 sec.
  • Spell nature polymorph.png  Polymorph — Transforms an enemy into a sheep, forcing it to wander around for up to 6 sec. While wandering, the sheep cannot attack or cast spells. Any damage will transform the target back into its normal form. Only one target can be polymorphed at a time. Only works on beasts, dragons, giants, humanoids, and critters.
  • Ability rogue ambush.png  Strike — Strikes at an enemy, inflicting increased melee damage.


  • If you hear the whisper, you're dying...
  • Welcome to the Void...
  • What have the netherwinds brought us?
  • You're far from home, stranger.

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