Eversong Woods storyline

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Zone map

Eversong Woods is the blood elf starting zone, designed for levels 1-10. Much of the questing experience is dedicated to containing and repairing the damage done in the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas during the Third War, as well as dealing with the Wretched, Alliance spies, and Amani trolls.

Unlike many starting zones, which feature fairly directed questing experiences, there are many quest hubs scattered around Eversong Woods. Breadcrumb quests help players navigate the zone in an optimal order.

Sunstrider Isle

  1. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [1 - 60] Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle
  2. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [3] Unfortunate Measures
  3. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [3] Report to Lanthan Perilon
  4. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [4] Aggression
  5. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [5] Felendren the Banished
  6. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [5] Aiding the Outrunners (optional breadcrumb)
  7. H [5] Slain by the Wretched
  8. H [5] Package Recovery
  9. H [5] Completing the Delivery

Falconwing Square and West Sanctum

Players arrive to Falconwing Square from Sunstrider Isle across the Ruins of Silvermoon.

Magister Jaronis starts:

  1. H [5] Major Malfunction
  2. H [6] Delivery to the North Sanctum
  3. H [5] Malfunction at the West Sanctum
  4. H [6] Arcane Instability

Aeldon Sunbrand starts:

  1. H [5] Unstable Mana Crystals
  2. H [6] Darnassian Intrusions
  3. H [6] Incriminating Documents (from item drop)
  4. H [7] The Dwarven Spy
  5. H [7] Fairbreeze Village (optional breadcrumb)

Roadside Ambush

On the way from Falconwing Square to Fairbreeze Village, players meet Apprentice Ralen, standing by a cart along the road. He starts:

  1. H [6] Roadside Ambush
  2. H [6] Soaked Pages
  3. H [6] Taking the Fall
  4. H [6] Swift Discipline

Standalone quest: H [6] The Dead Scar is offered by Ranger Jaela in the northernmost portion of The Dead Scar. It's not part of the Roadside Ambush quest chain, but she's most likely to be encountered as players travel from the apprentices to Instructor Antheol.

Fairbreeze Village

Sathiel starts the chain introducing the player to flight path mechanics:

  1. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [7] Goods from Silvermoon City
  2. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [7] Fly to Silvermoon City
  3. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [7] Skymistress Gloaming
  4. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [7] Return to Sathiel

Ranger Degolien continues the Falconwing Square quest chain from the optional breadcrumb H [7] Fairbreeze Village:

  1. H [7] Situation at Sunsail Anchorage
  2. H [10] Farstrider Retreat (optional breadcrumb)

Standalone quest from Velan Brightoak:

Marniel Amberlight starts:

  1. H [9] Ranger Sareyn
  2. H [9] Defending Fairbreeze Village
  3. H [10] Runewarden Deryan
  4. H [10] Powering our Defenses

Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider starts:

  1. H [9] Saltheril's Haven
  2. H [9] The Party Never Ends

Ardeyn Riverwind starts:

  1. H [10] The Scorched Grove
  2. H [9] A Somber Task

East Sanctum

The optional breadcrumb to the East Sanctum is given by Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider at Fairbreeze Village. Apprentice Mirveda takes samples of the soil from the Dead Scar and comes to the morbid conclusion that its corruption is irreversible.

  1. H [9] The Wayward Apprentice (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [9] Corrupted Soil
  3. H [9] Unexpected Results
  4. H [9] Research Notes

Farstrider Retreat and Duskwither Spire

The optional breadcrumb H [10] Farstrider Retreat leads to a quest hub in the northeast.

Magister Duskwither offers a breadcrumb to Duskwither Spire, which ultimately leads right back to Farstrider Retreat:

  1. H [10] The Magister's Apprentice (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [10] Deactivating the Spire
  3. H [10] Word from the Spire

After returning, Lieutenant Dawnrunner directs operations against the trolls:

  1. H [10] Amani Encroachment
  2. H [11] Amani Invasion (item drop)
  3. H [11] Warning Fairbreeze Village

Mages should stop by Instructor Antheol along the way to Farstrider Retreat, since he gives them a short quest chain upon reaching level 10. The later parts can be completed alongside the Amani troll quests:

  1. H Mage [10] Fetch!
  2. H Mage [10] The Purest Water
  3. H Mage [10] Recently Living

The Ghostlands await!

Time to get back to Fairbreeze Village, and from there, to the next zone, the Ghostlands.

Pick up the lead-up quest chain from Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider, which becomes available at level 10:

  1. H [10] Missing in the Ghostlands (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [10] The Fallen Courier
  3. H [10] Delivery to Tranquillien