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Exarch is a draenei title, apparently used for military leaders. The exact context that the draenei use it in is unknown. There is usually only one exarch per zone. On Draenor there were far fewer Exarchs than there are today - only five at a time - and they were part of the Council of Exarchs.

To become an Exarch, a draenei must go through three trials. They are allowed one companion through their trials.[1] Draenei paladins get an Exarch's Elekk as their mount.


Main timeline



Army of the Light

The Army of the Light has its own Council of Exarchs.[3]


Warlords of Draenor timeline


  • In the Byzantine Empire, the title "Exarch" was used for military governors.
  • According to Exarch Onaala, when she was young female exarchs were practically unheard of. Since Exarch Naielle is female, Onaala presumably speaks of a time before she joined the Council.


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There are six active draenei Exarchs in the main timeline. Azeroth and Outland should have no more known than five Exarchs each, discounting the deceased and corrupted. It may be possible that they are on two separate Exarch Councils, one for the neutral draenei and one for the Alliance draenei. It is also possible that the term is used for regional leaders after the collapse of the draenei civilization.