Exarch Naielle

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NeutralExarch Naielle
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Gender Female
Race Draenei
Character class Hunter
Affiliation(s) Rangari
Occupation Exarch
Location Unknown
Status Unknown

Exarch Naielle was the leader of Rangari. She led her followers by example, spending most of her time in the wilds with the other scouts.[1]


Naielle as a child.

As a child, Naielle lived in Mac'Aree on Argus. An echo of her can still be found there, watching a jed'hin match at the Circle of Aspirants. She animatedly mimics the motions of the competitors.

Following the ejection of the darkened K'ara from the Genedar Prophet Velen found himself able to see the Void's desired futures. Finding it difficult to distinguish visions of true calamity from glimpses into the Void's dreams of a corrupted universe convinced Velen that it would be disastrous if he were the only leader among his people. Thus the exarchs (a council of sages that would oversee different aspects of draenei culture), was created and Naielle was chosen to be exarch of the Rangari, tasked with gathering valuable intelligence about the lay of the land, in order to use it for their advantage.

When the Burning Legion manipulated the orcs into attacking the draenei Naielle initially thought the orcs were victims of the world's natural disasters and elemental upheaval and merely sought to defend their holdings.[2] Upon discovering the Burning Legion had been manipulating the orcs Naielle and her fellow leaders knew they could no longer defend their holdings and ordered their forces to withdraw to Shattrath and the Temple of Karabor.[3]

The draenei helped prepared the defense of the Temple of Karabor and against all odds the outnumbered draenei were able to push the relentless orcs back. In response Gul'dan and the Shadow Council used the Dark Star to break the stalemate. Though Naielle and many of the draenei survived, they were forced to abandon the temple to the Horde.[4] Knowing that Shattrath was doomed to fall Naielle, along with her fellow exarchs, argued against Velen's decision to among the defenders of the city. Convinced that the best hope for their race's survival was under Velen's leadership, the exarchs persuaded Velen to leave Shattrath. Thus Velen would flee with the civilians while bulk of their military might would remain within the city, in order to sacrifice themselves to ensure the survival of the draenei race and trick that orcs into thinking that they had slaughtered all of them.[5]

Naielle's fate is unknown but she was presumably killed by the Horde.


  • As seen from their echoes in Mac'Aree, Naielle was the youngest member of the Council of Exarchs, being the only one of them to be a child on Argus. Despite this, Akama was the only one explicitly described as young on Draenor.

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