Excelsior (quest)

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For the unrelated falcon, see Excelsior.
Start Drizzlik
End Drizzlik
Level 28 (Requires 25)
Type Normal
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Experience 2,850
Rewards  [Excelsior Waders]
Previous N [27] Some Assembly Required

Excelsior is the third part of a three part chain in Stranglethorn Vale. The chain begins with N [26] Supply and Demand.


Bring an Elder Crocolisk Skin to Drizzlik at Nesingwary's Expedition.


With the inside finished, all that's left is to add the outer layer. For this, I use only the best elder croc skins. They are more durable and a better canvas--if you will--for adding the designs and accents that make Drizzlik's Excelsior line.

It's hard to find that perfect skin though, the only one that fits my plan is the skin of an elder snapjaw crocolisk. Find them to the south, near the border with the cape.


You will receive:
Inv boots 05.png [Excelsior Waders]


I read somewhere that the elder crocolisks are slowly dying out... bad news for my business, isn't it?

Anyways, I hope you have that elder snapjaw crocolisk skin for me!


Great! Thanks to your help I'll have this order filled and sent off to Director Riddlevox on the next boat to Undermine. Ahead of schedule, even!

For all your hard work, here, I made some extras, so take a pair. It's on Drizzlik.

And remember, there's no boot so fine as one of Drizzlik's Excelsior line!


Introduction to Nesingwary:

  1. H [25] The Hunt(Horde, optional)
  2. N [25] Welcome to the Jungle

Drizzlik's Crocolisk Chain:

  1. N [26] Supply and Demand
  2. N [27] Some Assembly Required
  3. N [28] Excelsior

The Green Hills of Stranglethorn:

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