Exile's Reach

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NeutralExile's Reach
Level: 1 - 10

Great Sea (off the coast of Stormheim)[1]

PvP status

Exile's Reach is an uncharted island off the coast of Stormheim[1] which will serve as a level 1-10 starting zone in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. New World of Warcraft players will automatically start in Exile's Reach before moving to their faction's capital and entering Battle for Azeroth leveling content. Existing players starting new characters will be able to choose if they want to start in their race's regular starting zone or in Exile's Reach before moving on to 10-50 content.

The island has large mountains, vistas, waterfalls, dark forests, and a variety of familiar monsters. The Horde and Alliance sent an expedition to the island, but it was never heard from again. Novice adventurers travel to the island as part of a bigger and stronger expeditionary force to find out what happened, eventually discovering that the previous expedition was captured by an ogre necromancer who intends to sacrifice them to raise an undead dragon. The story culminates in a mini-dungeon of two bosses, with scaling difficulty and no role requirements. Players can choose if they want to take on the challenge alone or with friends. Overall, the experience is intended to introduce new players to the world and the basics of the features seen later in the game.[2][3]


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