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Exploration achievements

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World Explorer Achievement

Exploration achievements are awarded for exploring each zone in the game and all of its sub-zones for 10 achievement points per zone. Explore entire continents to get the meta-achievement for the continent and 25 points. Exploring Northrend also rewards the [Tabard of the Explorer], sent in the mail from Brann Bronzebeard himself! Finally, explore the known worlds to receive the title <the Explorer> and 50 achievement points with the achievement [Universal Explorer].

This category also includes a variety of miscellaneous achievements. In Outland and Northrend there are achievements for killing the named rare mob spawns, while Cataclysm includes [Stood in the Fire], [From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee] and [Surveying the Damage]. Pandaria expands the definition of exploration to include a variety of events, including discovering lore objects, finding treasures, and defeating the powerful champions of the land. Draenor and Legion offer a similar variety of challenges beyond simply exploring each of their respective areas.


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