Extreme Treasure Hunter

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Extreme Treasure Hunter is a exploration achievement earned for getting to three chests on the Timeless Isle that require some platforming to get to.


Timeless Isle map
Gleaming Treasure Chest @ 49,69
Gleaming Treasure start location @ 52,75
Mist-Covered Treasure Chests @ 58,60
Rope-Bound start location @ 60,45
Rope-Bound Treasure Chest @ 54,47
Gleaming Treasure Chest
Run up to the Firewalker Ruins and immediately turn north after entering the area. Out in the Red Stone Run are four pillars, each slightly lower than the previous. Stay mounted and jump from the location marked with a red x to the first pillar, then from pillar to pillar to reach the last pillar, where the chest awaits
Rope-Bound Treasure Chest
Run up the Firewalkers' Path through the Blazing Way. Before crossing the second set of bridges that cross over the Red Stone Run far below (at the location marked with a blue square), look to the right (north) of the bridge. A rope is anchored there. Jump on the rope, then jump from rope to rope to get to the anchor on the far side of the valley where the Rope-Bound treasure sits
Mist-Covered Treasure Chest
Run all the way up the Firewalkers Path, stopping just before reaching the broken bridge to the Ordon Sanctuary. On the "island" that the two bridges connect to is a Gleaming Crane Statue. Interact with the statue to get launched high up into the air with a slow-fall buff. Steer around and land on the floating chests.

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