Eye of Aman'thul

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Eye of Aman'Thul

The Eye of Aman'thul (or the Eye of Aman'Thul)[1] is one of the Pillars of Creation. The item itself consists of 2 rune-covered metallic rings that rotate around the user when its powers are being channeled, though a disk or half-sphere is often seen within them. The Eye can channel immense amounts of arcane magic and has power over space-time, having shown the ability to create massive portals and grant those using it powerful temporal magic.

In the possession of Grand Magistrix Elisande and her Highborne followers, it was used to create the Nightwell, a fount of arcane magic.[2] It is found within the Nighthold.[3] Gul'dan stands on it within the Font of Night atop the Nighthold's Nightspire. It is teleported to Dalaran and placed on the floor due to its size. The rune-covered rings appear to be the true eye, as they are what is teleported to the Portrait Room and kept on the floor.[4]


  • While the titan's name is spelled Aman'Thul with a capital T, this Pillar of Creation is sometimes spelled with a lowercase t.
  • Essence of the titan's power now dwells within the inhabitants of the Nighthold after centuries in close proximity with the Eye.[5]

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