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Not to be confused with Queen Azshara or Azshara.
This article is about the non-instanced zone. For the 5-man dungeon located in Azsuna, see Eye of Azshara (instance).
NeutralEye of Azshara
Level: 110
Battle Pet Level: 25
Eye of Azshara 1.jpg

Southern Broken Isles

PvP status

The Eye of Azshara is zone south of Dalaran in the Broken Isles. It is a level 110 elite zone that is a replica of the dungeon of the same name. A flight master can be found here, but even with a level 100 boost, you need to unlock it by visiting the flight point. This area is occupied by 110 elite mobs that are the objectives of N [110REWQ] Aquatic Assassination and N [110REWQ] Hate the Hatecoil. A rare elite C'Thrax called Kosumoth the Hungering also spawns here once his attunement is completed. The world quest to kill it rewards the  [Fathom Dweller] mount or the  [Hungering Claw] companion.

Getting there

No quest ever leads the player to the zone, so it needs to be reached manually. Having the [Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two] achievement unlocked allows one to simply fly there. Otherwise, using a  [Goblin Glider Kit], demon hunter's [Glide], or  [Emerald Winds] to glide down from Dalaran can get one there. There is a flight path for subsequent visits.


Maps and subregions

Map of the Eye of Azshara.


Kosumoth the Hungering


  • In 2014, Blizzard was stated to have registered a trademark in Benelux for a bit of "computer game software" called Eye of Azshara. This led to the rumor of a new WoW or Hearthstone expansion announcement during BlizzCon 2014.[1]


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