Eye of Dominion

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Orb of dominion

The Eyes of Dominion are items used by the Scourge's Cult of the Damned to control an undead minion's actions precisely. The Cult usually goes to great lenghts to keep these items safe. According to Keritose Bloodblade any intelligent being will have little trouble controlling lesser undead, but only a true Necromancer can seize control of any of the more powerful undead.

Objective of

After the Shadow Vault has been taken over by the Knights of the Ebon Blade the player has to control the Eidolon Watchers to neutralize the Scourge mining operations in the Weeping Quarry.

On use

If the player clicks the orb: The blood red pool within the eye swirls, betraying images of a massing army of Scourge. The eye seems to pull at you, willing its way into your mind and triggering you to pull back instinctively. You feel very uneasy in the presence of this object.

Gossip <Seize control of an eidolon watcher through the eye.>

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