Eyes and Ears: Malaka'jin

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HordeEyes and Ears: Malaka'jin

28 (Requires 26)




+25 Orgrimmar



Report to Witch Doctor Jin'Zil at Malaka'jin in Stonetalon Mountains.


Honor's Stand has been lost. The Horde's grip on the Barrens shattered along with the land itself. I now receive reports that we are at risk of losing Malaka'jin to a concerted attack by the Alliance and the Grimtotem. If Malaka'jin falls, half of Stonetalon falls with it!

You have proven yourself a capable soldier of the Horde. Will you be my eyes and ears at Malaka'jin? Witch Doctor Jin'Zil awaits your arrival.

Malaka'jin is located far to the south.


I see that Krom'gar has sent his best!

Good, we have much work to do. The filth that is the Alliance has entered into a treaty with the Grimtotem. Now we fend off attacks from both forces.

We are spread thin across the Greatwood Vale and will soon fall between the concentrated efforts of our enemies. There is only one hope: VOODOO!


To complete this quest, you must go on foot to Malaka'jin: Head left after exiting Krom'gar Fortress, and go through Windshear Valley where the Alliance camps are. Head south and you will end up on Webwinder Path. Keep following the road south. Eventually you will come to a Horde blockade on the road. Here you can speak to Darn Talongrip to pick up H [27] The Queen and Her Court, which takes place nearby. Once ready to move on, continue east on the road and you will come to Greatwood Vale. At the first intersection, turn right and go into the settlement with the totem pole and Horde banner out front.


  1. H [28] Eyes and Ears: Malaka'jin
  1. H [28] Da Voodoo: Stormer Heart / H [28] Da Voodoo: Ram Horns
  2. Complete all of:
  3. H [30] All's Quiet on the Southern Front (To the Sludgewerks)

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