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First page of Sen'jin Match, the famous troll newspaper
Leaflet of the FLT

The FLT (standing for "Front de Libération Troll", "Troll Liberation Front" in English), or TLF in English, was a french World of Warcraft players community on many realms. It gathered Troll players with the purpose of making Blizzard Entertainment fix numerous items' skins' bugs on the Troll model (as an example, the tier 2 Rogue hood does not cover their large nose). Their leaders were the bloodthirsty trolls Finntroll (Sook) and Lama (Jabzor), which lead "terrorist" forces ready to get their claims heard. Their motto: Trollidos unidos jamas seran vencidos!

They succeeded in taking hostage a Game Master of World of Warcraft. They also carried out a raid-suicide in Ironforge, and made the Hidden Shatterspear Village their secret stronghold.

The FLT gathered many members of all races, mostly Trolls, but also included Dwarves, Draenei and Humans. Hasta la victoria siempre!

As a matter of fact, the FLT movement claimed responsibility for the improvement of the "Berserking" Troll racial trait.

The FLT adores Nanabozo, the great Ivory Raptor god.

Against all oppressions !

Against all aggressions !

Join the Darkspear insurrection !

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