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Faceless Mask of the Long Night

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Not to be confused with  [Faceless Mask of the Long Night].
NeutralFaceless Mask of the Long Night

120 (Requires 120)


Rewarded after successfully completing all 5 objectives within a single visit of a Horrific Vision.


Return the Faceless Mask of the Long Night to the altar within a Horrific Vision.


The endurance needed to make it this far is extraordinary and the feat of a long experienced adventurer. Yet, the longest night is nigh and with it our ultimate conquest. Those that fight the coming of eternal twilight know only futility, for in the Longest Night they will be on the edge of sanity forever.


Place the Faceless Mask of the Long Night on the altar.


Taking a step towards the Longest Night is already acknowledging the sanity you have lost. Do you risk the rest on such a fools errand?



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