Facing Demons

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NeutralFacing Demons
Start Anchorite Laanda
End Laanda's Scroll
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 15,070
Rewards 14g 63s

N [100] The Word of Socrethar
N [100] Shattering the Enemy
N [100] Pesky Podlings

N [100] An Ancient Threat
Next N [100] Socrethar's Fury


Defeat Invokaz, and destroy the demon gate.


Time is running out, <name>. The Sargerei have opened a summoning portal on the hill to the west.

I believe they are going to use this portal to bring an army of demons here, to Shadowmoon Valley.

We must stop them before this happens, no matter what the cost. Use this arcane bomb to destroy the portal.

We may blow our cover, but stopping the portal is more important right now.


You will receive: 14g 63s


<Mysteriously, Anchorite Laanda is gone. Did something happen here?>



  1. B [100] Garrison Campaign: The Sargerei
  2. N [100] Infiltrating the Sargerei
  3. N [100] The Word of Socrethar, N [100] Shattering the Enemy, N [100] Pesky Podlings, and N [100] An Ancient Threat
  4. N [100] Facing Demons
  5. N [100] Socrethar's Fury
  6. B [100] Forging Ahead

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