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These are unique numeric identifiers for factions. They can be obtained for factions displayed in the player's reputation pane by calling the GetFactionInfo API function, or for any faction from the tables below. These values can be passed to the GetFriendshipReputationByID API function in the case of single-NPC factions like Nat Pagle or Gina Mudclaw, or used as a locale-independent way to identify factions in addons.

Top-level headers

FactionID Faction Name
Battle for Azeroth
Warlords of Draenor
1245 Mists of Pandaria
1162 Cataclysm
1097 Wrath of the Lich King
980 The Burning Crusade
1118 Classic

The "Inactive" header does not have a factionID, but can be identified either by assuming it is the only faction or header without a factionID, or by matching its name to the FACTION_INACTIVE global string.

Headers without reputation

FactionID Faction Name Parent Faction Player Faction
67 Horde Classic HHorde
892 Horde Forces Classic HHorde
936 Shattrath City The Burning Crusade
1117 Sholazar Basin The Burning Crusade
169 Steamwheedle Cartel The Burning Crusade

Factions and headers with reputation

FactionID Faction Name Parent Faction Player Faction
1416 Akama's Trust Mists of Pandaria
1037 Alliance Vanguard Wrath of the Lich King AAlliance
1106 Argent Crusade Wrath of the Lich King
529 Argent Dawn Classic
2170 Argussian Reach Legion
2045 Armies of Legionfall Legion
2165 Army of the Light Legion
1012 Ashtongue Deathsworn The Burning Crusade
1204 Avengers of Hyjal Cataclysm
1177 Baradin's Wardens Cataclysm AAlliance
1133 Bilgewater Cartel Horde HHorde
1419 Bizmo's Brawlpub Alliance Forces AAlliance
87 Bloodsail Buccaneers Classic
21 Booty Bay Steamwheedle Cartel
1374 Brawl'gar Arena Horde Forces HHorde
910 Brood of Nozdormu Classic
2164 Champions of Azeroth Battle for Azeroth HHorde
609 Cenarion Circle Classic
942 Cenarion Expedition The Burning Crusade
909 Darkmoon Faire Classic
530 Darkspear Trolls Horde HHorde
69 Darnassus Alliance AAlliance
1375 Dominance Offensive Mists of Pandaria HHorde
1172 Dragonmaw Clan Cataclysm HHorde
577 Everlook Steamwheedle Cartel
930 Exodar Alliance AAlliance
1068 Explorers' League Alliance Vanguard AAlliance
1228 Forest Hozen Mists of Pandaria HHorde
1104 Frenzyheart Tribe Sholazar Basin
729 Frostwolf Clan Horde Forces HHorde
369 Gadgetzan Steamwheedle Cartel
92 Gelkis Clan Centaur Classic
1134 Gilneas Alliance AAlliance
54 Gnomeregan Alliance AAlliance
1269 Golden Lotus Mists of Pandaria
1158 Guardians of Hyjal Cataclysm
1178 Hellscream's Reach Cataclysm HHorde
946 Honor Hold The Burning Crusade AAlliance
1052 Horde Expedition Wrath of the Lich King HHorde
1352 Huojin Pandaren Horde HHorde
749 Hydraxian Waterlords Classic
47 Ironforge Alliance AAlliance
989 Keepers of Time The Burning Crusade
1090 Kirin Tor Wrath of the Lich King
1387 Kirin Tor Offensive Mists of Pandaria AAlliance
1098 Knights of the Ebon Blade Wrath of the Lich King
978 Kurenai The Burning Crusade AAlliance
1011 Lower City Shattrath City
93 Magram Clan Centaur Classic
1015 Netherwing The Burning Crusade
1038 Ogri'la The Burning Crusade
1376 Operation: Shieldwall Mists of Pandaria AAlliance
2161 Order of Embers Battle for Azeroth AAlliance
1271 Order of the Cloud Serpent Mists of Pandaria
76 Orgrimmar Horde HHorde
1242 Pearlfin Jinyu Mists of Pandaria AAlliance
2160 Proudmoore Admiralty Battle for Azeroth AAlliance
1173 Ramkahen Cataclysm
470 Ratchet Steamwheedle Cartel
349 Ravenholdt Classic
1270 Shado-Pan Mists of Pandaria
1435 Shado-Pan Assault Mists of Pandaria
1216 Shang Xi's Academy Mists of Pandaria
1031 Sha'tari Skyguard Shattrath City
1077 Shattered Sun Offensive Shattrath City
809 Shen'dralar Classic
911 Silvermoon City Horde HHorde
890 Silverwing Sentinels Alliance Forces AAlliance
970 Sporeggar The Burning Crusade
730 Stormpike Guard Alliance Forces AAlliance
72 Stormwind Alliance AAlliance
2161 Storm's Wake Battle for Azeroth AAlliance
1388 Sunreaver Onslaught Mists of Pandaria HHorde
70 Syndicate Other
2156 Talanji's Expedition Battle for Azeroth HHorde
932 The Aldor Shattrath City
1302 The Anglers Mists of Pandaria
1156 The Ashen Verdict Wrath of the Lich King
1341 The August Celestials Mists of Pandaria
1359 The Black Prince Mists of Pandaria
933 The Consortium The Burning Crusade
510 The Defilers Horde Forces HHorde
1135 The Earthen Ring Cataclysm
1126 The Frostborn Alliance Vanguard AAlliance
1067 The Hand of Vengeance Horde Expedition HHorde
2157 The Honorbound Battle for Azeroth HHorde
1073 The Kalu'ak Wrath of the Lich King
1337 The Klaxxi Mists of Pandaria
509 The League of Arathor Alliance Forces AAlliance
1345 The Lorewalkers Mists of Pandaria
941 The Mag'har The Burning Crusade HHorde
1105 The Oracles Sholazar Basin
990 The Scale of the Sands The Burning Crusade
934 The Scryers Shattrath City
935 The Sha'tar Shattrath City
1094 The Silver Covenant Alliance Vanguard AAlliance
1119 The Sons of Hodir Wrath of the Lich King
1124 The Sunreavers Horde Expedition HHorde
1064 The Taunka Horde Expedition HHorde
1272 The Tillers Mists of Pandaria
967 The Violet Eye The Burning Crusade
1091 The Wyrmrest Accord Wrath of the Lich King
1171 Therazane Cataclysm
59 Thorium Brotherhood Classic
947 Thrallmar The Burning Crusade HHorde
81 Thunder Bluff Horde HHorde
576 Timbermaw Hold Classic
2163 Tortollan Seekers Battle for Azeroth HHorde
922 Tranquillien The Burning Crusade HHorde
1353 Tushui Pandaren Alliance AAlliance
68 Undercity Horde HHorde
1050 Valiance Expedition Alliance Vanguard AAlliance
2158 Voldunai Battle for Azeroth HHorde
1085 Warsong Offensive Horde Expedition HHorde
889 Warsong Outriders Horde Forces HHorde
1174 Wildhammer Clan Cataclysm AAlliance
589 Wintersaber Trainers Other AAlliance
270 Zandalar Tribe Classic
2103 Zandalari Empire Battle for Azeroth HHorde

Faction NPCs with their own reputation

Rather than "reputation levels" these NPCs have "friendship levels".

FactionID Faction Name Parent Faction
1277 Chee Chee The Tillers
1275 Ella The Tillers
1283 Farmer Fung The Tillers
1282 Fish Fellreed The Tillers
1281 Gina Mudclaw The Tillers
1279 Haohan Mudclaw The Tillers
1273 Jogu the Drunk The Tillers
1358 Nat Pagle The Anglers
1276 Old Hillpaw The Tillers
1278 Sho The Tillers
1280 Tina Mudclaw The Tillers