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Faction Assaults

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Patch 8.1 - Faction Assaults.jpg
Patch release image.

Faction Assaults[1] are a feature added in patch 8.1.0, consisting of the invasion by Alliance or Horde forces of an area, triggering a zone wide event. They are similar to Legion's Legion Assaults, but lack instanced scenarios.


Nazmir's map during a Faction Assault.

Tiragarde Sound

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Stormsong Valley

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  • When they were first announced during a Developer Live Stream, they were called incursions.[2]
  • It was also said that they would culminate in a scenario at the end like the Legion Assaults. This, however, didn't make it to live.
  • The world quests activated by the faction assaults do not count towards the criteria of the quest N [120W] The World Awaits.