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  • Faded Photograph
  • Unique
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Two gnomes in front of Stormwind.
Colored version.

Faded Photograph is junk, which can safely be thrown away, as it is a fluff item obtained while doing the Linken quest line. When you examine the item it will display a picture of two gnomes in front of Stormwind, a male dressed as Link and a female dressed as Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series of videogames.


Faded Photograph is found in Un'Goro Crater inside  [A Small Pack] at the bottom of one of the lakes [63, 68]. In order to obtain the pack, you must find a wrecked raft on the shore of the same lake, which will start the quest N [52] It's a Secret to Everybody. This will then allow you to obtain the small pack.


You'll also receive Faded Photograph, which is a photograph of two gnomes dressed like Link and Zelda. You can still find this on the AH, but it's quite expensive.[1]

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