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Faerie concept.jpg
Concept art
Racial leader(s)

Faeries are a race of small, winged forest tricksters affiliated with the Night Fae Covenant of Ardenweald. Mercurial, mischievous, and both easily appeased and easily offended, they use song to soothe the pain of rejuvenating nature spirits or to lure in lesser creatures to grind into poultices.[1]


  • Concept art refers to them as Ardenweald sprites.[2]
  • The faeries were designed by character artist Ariel Fain, whose goal was to combine classic fantasy depictions of faries with the celestial illumination of Ardenweald to create a unique, otherworldly fairy that fit in the World of Warcraft aesthetic. The faeries' fluffy features and the shape of their wings were inspired by moths.[3]
  • Faeries are all naked.


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