Faithless Trapper

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MobFaithless Trapper
Image of Faithless Trapper
Gender Both
Race Sethrak (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Health 7,443 - 31,470
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Faithless
Occupation Trapper
Location Vol'dun
Status Killable

Faithless Trappers are Faithless sethrak fighting Defenders of Rakjan atop the Crackling Ridge in Vol'dun.

A number of dead Trappers are found in other locations in western Vol'dun, including Dead Man's Pass, Chief Expedition Officer McCormick's camp, and Taz'raka the Traitor's ruins.


  • Spell nature stormreach.png  Lightning Shot — The caster fires an bolt of lightning through the target, inflicting Nature damage to all enemies caught in its path.
  • Ability trueshot.png  Shoot — The caster fires an arrow at the target, inflicting Physical damage.


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