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A group of bloodgazer falcosaurs in Azsuna.
A group of sharptalon falcosaurs.

Falcosaurs are an invasive and predatory dinosaur species that have recently arrived on the coastlines of the Broken Isles and are breeding out of control.[1] Marin Bladewing hates them.

In patch 7.1, players are able to collect the eggs and feathers of the falcosaurs to use as reagents for new First Aid and Cooking recipes. Players are also able to rescue an orphaned falcosaur pet to begin a journey toward understanding these hungry creatures, and "may just earn a new mount along the way".[1]

Falcosaurs are immune to the corruption and infusion of fel.[2]

The primal need to hunt occurs in falcosaurs at a young age.[3] And while falcosaurs are predatory, they are actually omnivores and eat fruits as well as berries in large quantities.[4][5] Said berries are actually what give the Bloodgazer falcosaurs their distinctive, blood red eye color.[5]

If a falcosaur has been away from their origin of birth for too long, they may become depressed and lethargic and will possibly cease to eat and drink.[6][7][8][9] They also have no issue with consuming dairy products such as cheese.[10]


There are in total four different species of falcosaurs found on the Broken Isles. Where they came from originally is unknown, however Sira Moonwarden points out that they've come from offshore, suggesting another island, or perhaps several. Whether there are more species of falcosaurs from where they came, is also unknown.

The species encountered on the Broken Isles are as follows:

Predatory Bloodgazers

Dark red stripes, red scales with black fur. Found in Azsuna.

While the colors they sport make them look fierce and intimidating, the bloodgazer falcosaurs are predisposed to eating fruit and berries.[5][11]

Brilliant Direbeaks

Green stripes, teal & blue scales with orange fur. Found in Stormheim.

Direbeak falcosaurs are the heartiest of the bunch. Their sense of smell however, is not as good as that of other falcosaur species, which had led them to prefer pungent meals (of which diary products are an example) and are often found feasting on carrion that has been in the sun for days.[10]

Their shimmering hides have adapted to confuse and disorient prey.[12]

Viridian Sharptalons

Dark green stripes, green scales with purple fur. Found in Val'sharah.

The viridian sharptalon falcosaurs have a diet which subsist mainly on small nuts and berries, their claws are used mostly for defense.[13]

Their viridian hide allow for them to blend into magical forests and non-magical forests alike.[14]


Dark blue stripes, gray to white scales with white fur. Found in Highmountain.

Snowfeather falcosaur are the most predatory of all known falcosaur species while being particularly fond of large prey.[15]

Their hide and fur allow them to hide in fog and fog banks.[16]

As a companion pet

Bloodgazer Hatchling

As a mount

These mounts involve the process of the companions growing up alongside the hero.

Notes and trivia

  • They often drop Falcosaur Eggs and Pristine Falcosaur Feathers.
  • They seem thematically similar to the dinosaurs tamed by the Zandalari, also from the South Seas.
  • Falcosaurs are likely close relatives to raptors and they have a vaguely similar look to the concept art for spiny raptors, with both having a beak.
  • Falcosaurs are capable of flight,[17] but are not flying mounts.
    • Their in-game models have no features such as wings allowing for flight, either.
  • A quote from Sira Moonwarden suggests there's either one or more islands off the coast of the Broken Isles.
    • Sira Moonwarden says: Predatory birds have flown in from offshore.
    • The Mount Journal entry for the  [Viridian Sharptalon] mentions how they are adept at blending into magical forests. This "offshore" land they came from may potentially have a magical forest present.
  • The falcosaur model is named "falcosauros".
  • Brilliant Direbeaks have a name and Mount Journal entry suggesting there are other "direbeak" falcosaurs with a non-brilliant hide. Hinting towards "direbeak" being a separate species of falcosaur.
    • Same goes for the Viridian Sharptalons.
  • The falcosaur battle pets are classified as Flying.

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