Fallen Ranger

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Not to be confused with Tormented Ranger.
MobFallen Ranger
Image of Fallen Ranger
Gender Female
Race Banshee (Undead)
Level 14 - 15
Health 328
Wealth 30c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Former occupation(s) Ranger
Location Windrunner Spire, Ghostlands[10.9, 56.8]
Status Killable

Fallen Rangers can be found in Ghostlands. They used to be high elf rangers in life.

During the course of Garrosh Hellscream's trial, Vereesa Windrunner ventured into the Spire and killed the banshees.[1]

After Sylvanas killed Varok Saurfang and retreated to the spire, the banshees were seen kneeling to her.


  • Banshee Wail - Wails with anguish, inflicting Shadow damage to an enemy.

Objective of

H [15] Retaking Windrunner Spire


Patch changes


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