False Idols

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NeutralFalse Idols

57 (Requires 54)






N [57] Atrocities


Destroy 8 Azsh'ir Idols on the Red Reaches.

  • Azsh'ir Idol destroyed (8)


Neptulon the Tidehunter is our god. He was the god of the Bloodwash, too, but they have turned their back on him, it seems. They now choose to worship only Azshara, their naga queen. You will see likenesses of Azshara littered around their settlements, carved out of seastone.

<The murloc spirit eyes your weapon.>

That weapon will do. Send it through their Azsh'ir idols. They need to be reminded that our father Neptulon is the only one who truly rules the seas.


You will receive: 85s


Neptulon guide you, landwalker.


You make an old murloc proud, <race>.

Thank you, and may the waves ever lap at your feet.


  1. A [55] Hero's Call: Blasted Lands!, A [55] Onward to the Blasted Lands, A [55] Blasted Lands: The Other Side of the World (optional breadcrumbs)
  2. A [55] A Closer Look
    • Side quest chain:
    1. A [55] Minor Distractions
    2. A [55] Eliminate the Okril'lon & A [55] Nethergarde Reigns & A [55] Remove Their Arms
  3. A [55] Our Fallen Friends & A [55] Curtail the Darktail
  4. A [55] Watcher Mahar Ba
  5. A [55] Cultists at our Doorstep
  6. A [55] Kasim Sharim
  7. A [55] Attune the Bloodstone
  8. A [55] The First Step
  9. A [55] Blood Ritual
  10. A [55] The Amulet of Allistarj & A [55] The Amulet of Sevine & A [55] The Amulet of Grol
    • Salt-Flop gives this optional quest chain:
    1. N [57] Home... Gone... Naga...
    2. N [57] Atrocities
    3. N [57] False Idols & N [57] Neptool's Revenge & N [57] The Future of the Rockpool
  11. A [56] Time is Short
  12. A [56] The Vile Blood of Demons & A [56] The Charred Granite of the Dark Portal
    • Also available at the Dark Portal:
    1. A [56] Protecting Our Rear
    2. A [56] Watching Our Back
    3. A [57] Surwich (leads to Surwich questline)
  13. A [56] Enhancing the Stone
  14. A [56] Not Just Any Body
  15. A [56] The Altar of Storms
  16. A [56] The Final Ritual
  17. A [57] You Are Rakh'likh, Demon

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