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A list of some of the many English-language Warcraft universe fansites.

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Main sites

News and general sites

Icon-blizzplanet-22x22.png Blizzplanet - [1]

Icon-mmochampion-22x22.png MMO Champion - [2]

Icon-worldofwar-22x22.png WorldOfWar.net - [3]

Icon-wowinsider-22x22.png WOW Insider - [4]

Item databases

Icon-wowhead-22x22.png Wowhead - [5]

Icon-mmochampion-22x22.png MMO Champion DB - [6]

Media sites

Icon-warcraftmovies-22x22.png Warcraft Movies - [7]

Icon-wcradio-22x22.png WoW Radio - [8]

Addon sites

Icon-curse-22x22.png Curse Gaming - [9]

Icon-wowi-22x22.png WoWInterface - [10]

Icon-wowace-22x22.png WoWAce - [11]

Other English-language listings

News and general sites

News and general sites
Name URL Summary
GosuGamers www.gosugamers.net Competition news from the worlds of Starcraft and Warcraft (mostly WC3)
Icon-massively-22x22.png Massively www.massively.com MMO commentary and news.
Warcraft content mixed in with lots of other MMO stuff
Archived under Engadget early-2015.
Icon-mmochampion-22x22.png MMO-Champion www.mmo-champion.com Latest WoW news, guides for factions, farming and items, raids informations and much more.
Usually contains spoilers and datamined info.
Threadmeters www.threadmeters.com Ranked listing of the top threads across the World of Warcraft forums, updated every minute.
WoW Azzor www.azzor.com WoW news/resource site by Azzor who also hosts WarcraftCinema.com and wow-news.net
WoW Insider wow.joystiq.com/ The new WoW Insider
Archived under Engadget early-2015.
WoW Stratics wow.stratics.com Part of the Stratics network
Icon-tentonhammer-22x22.png WoW @ TenTonHammer tentonhammer.com/games/world-of-warcraft Guides, news, forums and DB.
WoW Warcry wow.warcry.com Part of the Warcry network
Wowction www.wowction.com World of Warcraft Reviews and Guides.
Icon-wowjuju-22x22.png WoWJuju www.wowjuju.com Your daily World of Warcraft website. WoW News, Reputation Calculator, Community.

Forum trackers

Forum trackers
Name URL Summary
MMO-Champion MMO-Champion MMO-Champion Blue Tracker
Wowhead Wowhead Wowhead Blue Tracker

Addon and UI sites

Addon and UI sites
Name URL Summary
CTMod ctmod.net Only for CT AddOns; not a general mod/UI site
Icon-curse-22x22.pngCurse www.curse.com Provides addon-hosting for a variety of games, notably World of Warcraft.
Icon-wowace-22x22.png WoW Ace wowace.com/wiki/Category:Addons AddOn listing for mostly WoW Ace based AddOns.
wowmods fin.instinct.org/wowmods/ Meta site: search addons hosted on any of the major addon hosting sites and communities, and list updated addons without having to visit each site individually. Includes detailed information for each addon, changelog histories, filtering options, RSS feeds, etc.
Icon-wowi-22x22.png WoW Interface www.wowinterface.com Comprehensive AddOn and WoW UI info and download site

Databases and resources

Databases and resources
Name URL Summary
Icon-almostgaming-22x22.png AlmostGaming Levelling Guides www.almostgaming.com/wow Resource built from free user submitted guides.
Cheevos FTW! www.cheevosftw.com Helping players to figure out what achievements to do next.


Icon-crafterstome-22x22.png Crafter's Tome wow.crafterstome.com/home.html One of the better trade skill info sites with lots of good tools.


Icon-elsanglin-22x22.png El's Extreme Anglin' www.elsanglin.com Guide to fishing in WoW.
Website down since early 2015.
Exploring WoW exploringwow.com Free guides for training all professions from level 1-450
GearScores.com gearscores.com Character GearScore Calculator, GearScore Rankings, Character Comments, and much more!
Just My Two Copper justmytwocopper.blogspot.com Prominent gold strategies, farming guides, and wow gold making site. Forums have dozens of gold capped members.


Icon-magelo-22x22.png Magelo wow.magelo.com Popular community website that offer many tools like character profile, signature & avatar, gear planner, inventory viewer, database, item trees, interactive zone maps, item comparison, guild tools,...
WarcraftLootCards www.warcraftlootcards.com Warcraft Loot Cards Database.
Warcraft Mounts www.warcraftmounts.com Images of mounts. Sister site to Petopia.
Icon-WarcraftPets-22x22.png WarcraftPets www.warcraftpets.com Database of WoW small pets.
WarcraftRealms.com www.warcraftrealms.com Census stats for realm and battleground information.
Worldofwargraphs.com www.worldofwargraphs.com World of warcraft pvp statistics.
WoW-Battlegrounds www.wow-battlegrounds.com.com Battleground guide with strategies, tips, maps and more.


Wow Best In Slot Resource www.wowbestinslot.com Automated gear listings of the best gear for all specs with dynamic filters and weights


Inv misc shovel 01.png WoW Dig Site www.wowdigsite.com Archaeology Information, guides, videos, links, and resources.
WoWdigs www.wowdigs.com A comprehensive WoW Archaeology website with pics, guides & maps to all digsites.
Wowecon.com www.wowecon.com Auction House price database


WoW Heroes wow-heroes.com Known most for Gear Score calculator. Also pulls character stats, gear stats, crafter, and guild progression info. Supports EU, US, CN, KR, and TW.
WowPopular www.wowpopular.com WoWPopular tracks the most popular Talent Builds, Glyphs, Gear, Enchants and Gems used by players in World of Warcraft.


Amity the Paladin amitythepaladin.yolasite.com/ Notable addon author Ameya's character blog, featuring live raid broadcasting, UI-related tutorials, addons, vids, and other general musings
Not updated since November 2011
Asleep at the WoW aatwow.com/blog Sleepwalking on Sunshine
Aspect of the Hare aspectofthehare.net/ Rambles, guides, and stories from a Linux-lovin' and Hunter-obsessed geekgirl
Big Bear Butt thebigbearbutt.com/
Bind On Equip bindonequip.com/ World of Warcraft Fan Site and Podcast
Elitist Jerks elitistjerks.co/ Theorycrafting blog website. Providing New Guides and Old Guides from back in day.
Grand Old Podcast grandoldpodcast.blogspot.com/ Looking at the warcraft lore and Podcasting
Kurn's Corner kurn.apotheosis-now.com Kurnmogh, a former guildmaster, who raids as a holy paladin (and plays a hunter, a mage, a druid and a shammy as well), talks about raiding, professions, various classes and has an in-progress Holy How-To guide to playing a holy paladin.
Mana Obscura www.manaobscura.com/ Warcraft blog featuring Mage-specific guides, strategies and resources.
Need more Rage needmorerage.blogspot.com/ Discontinued
Petoholics anonymous wow.wolfdragon.net/ Not updated since February 2012
Random Ravings of Warcraft rrvs.blogspot.com Random rants, guides, bits and pieces about Warcraft, expansion info, rogue, hunter and other theorycraft.
Rawrcast rawrcast.com/ World of Warcraft Fan Site and Podcast
Screen Shots By Jezi ssbjezi.blogspot.com/ Jezi's adventures and friends through screen shots, From Kilrogg Server.
Not updated since December 2011
Tank like a Girl www.tanklikeagirl.com Heavy focus on protection warriors. T4-T5 level raiding, prot warrior guides, mild theorycrafting and sometimes just random stories of a casual player.
Not updated since April 2011
The Nexus TheNexusWoW.wordpress.com WoW blog.
Not updated since July 2011
TinksHighJinks tinkshighjinks.com/ Fictional stories about a gnome mage and the trouble that seems to find her on a regular basis!
Too Many Annas toomanyannas.com/blog Raiding Resto Shaman Goodness
Twink Info www.twinkinfo.com Twink resource and community.
Underachiever: every achievement in 1 year wowunderachiever.blogspot.com Achievement-focused blog with a challenge to complete in 1 year.
Not updated since January 2012
World of Matticus www.worldofmatticus.com/ Power through knowledge and reason.
World of Warcraft: Fan Fiction wow-fanfiction.blogspot.com Reviews and discussions around some of the best fan fiction in Azeroth as well as some on going epic tales of our own. Come join in with our on going stories or begin your own tale and help build the open RP fan fiction community.
Not updated since January 2011
Wow_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft community.livejournal.com/wow_ladies A community for WoW ladies to share information, stories, quests, ask for help, offer help, group up, share art, poetry - anything related to World of Warcraft!.

Blogs (RP)

Blogs (RP)
Name URL Summary
Flinthammer Hall www.flinthammer.org The adventures of a dwarf husband and wife.
Tappet's Journal nozz-tappet.livejournal.com/ The journal of Nozz Tappet.
Not updated since May 2011

Warcraft Blog Resources

Blog Resources
Name URL Summary
Blog Azeroth www.blogazeroth.com/index.php A World of Warcraft blogging community.
WoW Livejournal Community worldofwarcraft.livejournal.com A World of Warcraft blogging community.


Name URL Summary
HowToPriest.com www.HowToPriest.com Priest The #1 Priest Community -- Howtopriest.com is a World of Warcraft discussion website for every spec of the Priest class. We have PvE guides, best-in-slot lists, UI guides, a media section that includes videos and live streams, gear help forum, and helpful, knowledgeable members.
Last Rogue lastrogue.com/ Rogue PVP rogue blog, with information on tactics, addons, patch changes and much more.
Icon-petopia-22x22.png Petopia petopia.brashendeavors.net Hunter Hunter pet guide
Roguespot.com www.roguespot.com Rogue Rogue blog and community forums.
Not updated as of April 2011.
Shadow Panther www.shadowpanther.net Rogue Rogue info, strategies, gear charts.
Minimalist, a little ugly
The Warlocks Den wowmb.net Warlock Warlock information site

Comics, artwork and stories

Comics, artwork and stories
Name URL Summary
Beyond the Tree beyondthetree.wordpress.com/ Not updated since March 2012.
Cru the Dwarf www.drunkduck.com/Cru_The_DwarF/
The Daily Blink www.thedailyblink.com
Dark Legacy Comics www.darklegacycomics.com
Icon-gamespy-22x22.png Flintlocke's guide to Azeroth pc.gamespy.com/flintlockes-guide-to-azeroth/ The man, the myth, the ... Dwarf.
Icon-gamespy-22x22.png Flintlocke vs. The Horde http://pc.gamespy.com/flintlocke-vs-the-horde/ Rok'tar, orc hunter seeks revenge on a misguided Flintlocke.
Looking For Group Comic www.lfgcomic.com
Outskirts of Orgrimmar www.drunkduck.com/outskirts_of_orgrimmar WoW Screenshot comic, comedy/adventure, Oneshots and storyarcs
Sons of the Storm www.sonsofthestorm.com Warcraft art from Blizzard artists Samwise, Metzen, Twincruiser, Thammer, and Raneman
The Murloc is Lonely www.albatrosbits.com/murloc.php An ongoing fanfic trilogy, presently in the middle of its second novel-length book.
Hard to tell when updated (no year)
The Chronicles of the Flaming Ruby www.tfrcomic.com/ Cartoons set in Argent Dawn RP (EU)
Teh Gladiators www.tehgladiators.com A story about an orc, human and a tauren and their Arena exploits by award winning authors.


Name URL Summary
Arena Junkies www.arenajunkies.com Arena strategy discussion with top players.
Patchtimer.org patchtimer.org/forums/ Player-hosted WoW discussion forums
Pyran www.pyran.co.uk Gaming Community for Adults, Rated 18+
World of Warcraft the Role Playing Game wowrpg.fr.yuku.com/ Xander212's discussion forums for the Warcraft RPG
World of Warcraft at The Piazza www.thepiazza.org.uk/bb/viewforum.php?f=58 Subforum for the Warcraft RPG at The Piazza forums


Name URL Summary
Icon-enjin-22x22.png Enjin www.enjin.com Guild hosting with Events, Visual Raid Progression, Recruitment, WoW Themes, and a powerful website builder.
Guildage www.guildage.com Online Guild Event Manager with free hosting of homepage, calendar, forum, and more...
Guild Hosting www.guildhosting.org Top Rated CMS Guild Hosting, RSS Feeds for Events, Full Raid Progress, Advanced Recruitment, Cataclysm Themes, Industry Leading Support.
Oxheadtiny.gif GuildOx www.guildox.com Automatic 25-man and 10-man raid progress ranking based on achievements
Recruit-Gamers www.recruit-gamers.com www.recruit-gamers.com a website dedicated to world of warcraft guild recruitment.
Wow GuildProgress www.wow.guildprogress.com Community based raid progression based on user data.
WoW Guilds www.WoWGuilds.ca Stunning Templates, WOW Guild Hosting, Powerful Events System, Raid Progress, Recruitment, Cataclysm Ready, Free Long Distance Call Backs, Our Customers Rate us 10 out of 10 for Design, Service, After Sales Support and Impressiveness.
Wowmatcher www.wowmatcher.com New World of Warcraft recruitment site with guild and player profile creation and direct custom links for sharing

Lore and role playing

Lore and role playing
Name URL Summary
Icon-blizzplanet-22x22.png BlizzPlanet www.blizzplanet.com Lore forums, news, interviews, RPG books & pocketbooks, campaigns, easter eggs and more
Icon-sol-22x22.png Scrolls of Lore www.scrollsoflore.com Lore forums
WoWRP.png WoWRP wowrp.wikia.com Wiki for RP players in World of Warcraft (sister site to Wowpedia)
WoW Lore TLDR wowloretldr.com Interactive page with information on Warcraft lore, presented in a TLDR format

Movie sites

Movie sites
Name URL Summary
Herculean Productions www.herculeanproductions.com Live Action Warcraft Movies
No updates for >2 years.
Warcraft Cinema www.warcraftcinema.com A movie posting site hosted by Azzor
Warcraft the Movie warcraft.moviechronicles.com An unofficial news site for a possible upcoming Warcraft based movie.
No updates for >1 year.

RP server sites

RP server sites
Name URL Summary
Argent Archives argentarchives.org Roleplaying portal for the Argent Dawn Europe server
European Steamwheedle Cartel scarteleu.wikia.com Server:Steamwheedle Cartel Europe roleplaying hub.
Ravenholdt RP Sanctum ravenholdt.us Ravenholdt US RP community forums.
Amazingly similar to old official forums
Twisting Nether Gazette wow-tng.org Twisting Nether US RP Stories and News.

Social networking

Social networking
Name URL Summary
Guildtag www.guildtag.com Find old MMO gaming friends or make new ones!
LFWoWPlayers www.LFWoWPlayers.com World of Warcraft social networking site, designed to help players find other players who live close to them.
WoW Meeting Stone www.wowmeetingstone.com The social network for World of Warcraft players to share blog, profiles, media, audio and video chat, and the ability to play multi-player games against other site members or solo.

Tools and utilities

Tools and utilities
Name URL Summary
Arena Points Calculator www.kicknit.net Arena caculator both ways with goals and a box for other webmasters
Best Signatures www.best-signatures.com WoW Signature Generator (EU/US/TW)
CTScreens ctscreens.net Screenshot upload
GearScores.com gearscores.com Character GearScore Calculator, GearScore Rankings, Character Comments, and much more!
Maldy www.maldy.net Character price Calculator, Ranking of Chars and Highlights of the char!
SearchWarcraft.com searchwarcraft.com WoW-focused search engine.
WarcraftUpdate warcraftupdate.net Sends out text messages when your realm comes online/offline and at the start of world events
Who Dinged? whodinged.com/ Track WoW characters levelling progress and get notified via email when they ding.
WoW Arena Calculator wowden.com/arenacalc/index.php WoWDen Arena point calculator
WoW Item Creator www.wowitemcreator.com Fun site that allows you to create your own items
WoW Macros wowmacros.com Repository of World of Warcraft macros
WoW Signature Generator www.arena-armory.com Offers a tool to create Hi-Quality Image Signatures for World of Warcraft guild & community forums
WoWAmp WinAmp Classic Skin www.deviantart.com/deviation/37880430 World of Warcraft skin for Winamp Classic
WoWMatrix www.wowmatrix.com External automated addon-updater

World of Warcraft-licensed products

World of Warcraft-licensed products
Name URL Summary
BlizzCon blizzcon.com Blizzard's official BlizzCon site!
WarcraftMinis.com www.warcraftminis.com The first and best fansite for the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game
World of Warcraft Clothing by J!NX www.jinx.com/world_of_warcraft Officially licensed clothing, patches, pins, stickers and other goodies