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Farahlon in the north east before the sundering of Draenor

Farahlon[1] (also referred to as the Fields of Farahlon[2] or the Plains of Farahlon[3]) was an island of beautiful fields and dense forests east of Gorgrond.[4] It was actually the corpse of the sporemound Botaan.[5] Farahlon was sundered with the rest of Draenor and its remains are now known as Netherstorm.


Before the destruction of Draenor, the Fields of Farahlon had a coastline on the Devouring Sea. Some giants were known to live there, as well as Primals. Farahlon was also once home to a draenei city of the same name.[6] After the destruction of Shattrath City and the defeat of the draenei, the Horde began to attack Draenor's other races. Kilrogg Deadeye and his forces slaughtered the Primals of Farahlon and burned down its forests.[7]

During the Invasion of Draenor, the Kirin Tor members of the Alliance Expedition settled there and created Kirin'Var Village.[1] The geography was comparable to Westfall.[8] When Ner'zhul's portals destroyed Draenor, the area was torn apart into the small set of landmasses now floating in the Twisting Nether known as the Netherstorm.


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