Farewell, Minnow

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HordeFarewell, Minnow

19 (Requires 15)




20s (or 10s 80c at max level)




H [19] Fade to Black / H [19] Ice Cold / H [19] Pro-liberation


Speak to Sorata Firespinner in Bilgewater Harbor.


Thank you, little one.

Sometimes it's easy to get lost on the throes of love and lose sight of things, even as a dragon. I plan to rededicate myself entirely to making sure Kalec never steps up to take Malygos' place. It's the most noble cause I can think of.

You should head back to the harbor. I believe someone's waiting for you there.

Try not to get squashed or eaten by anything.


Inv helmet 29.png [Faded Wizard Hat]

You will also receive: 20s (or 10s 80c at max level)


Hey there... again.

Look, I gave you my hat. It was a gift. I thought you'd make some use of it. More specifically though, I thought you'd get it the heck away from me.

Can you imagine my surprise when Xylem comes by himself to give it back to me? "Want to be more like my other apprentices, Sorata? Give your hat another try." Not one of my proudest moments.

So what... you just tossed it aside for him to find? No. I don't think so. You're going to take this hat and you're going to like it. Really.


  1. H [17] Azshara Blues
  2. H [17] Friends Come In All Colors
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. H [17] Wash Out
  5. H [18] Dressed to Impress
  6. H [18] Renewable Resource / H [18] Shear Will / H [18] Waste of Thyme
  7. H [18] Trouble Under Foot / H [18] Manual Labor
  8. H [18] The Pinnacle of Learning
  9. H [18] Watch Your Step
  10. H [18] The Trial of Fire / H [18] The Trial of Frost / H [18] The Trial of Shadow
  11. H [18] Xylem's Asylum
  12. H [19] Wasn't It Obvious?
  13. H [19] Easy is Boring
  14. H [19] Turning the Tables
  15. H [19] Fade to Black / H [19] Ice Cold / H [19] Pro-liberation
  16. H [19] Farewell, Minnow


The "minnow" in the name of this quest is a reference to Maws, which Azuregos previously mentioned in his dialogue during the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain.

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