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Farseer Ori

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AllianceFarseer Ori
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Race Ankoan (Humanoid)
Level 50
Class Shaman
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation(s) Waveblade Ankoan
Occupation Farseer
Location Nazjatar
Status Alive
Student(s) Odari

Farseer Ori is a powerful ankoan shaman located in Nazjatar. He is respected by his clan as spiritual guide and seer. While the rest of the Waveblade have come to Nazjatar to fulfill a blood-oath to defeat the naga; Ori has been called by Neptulon himself in order to serve the will of the elements.[1]


Objective of


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  • An ancient pain lingers in the ruins of Zin-Azshari. Unlike the ankoan, the elven spirits hold their vigil unwillingly.
  • Azshara will not be satisfied until she rules both land and sea. Her conquest must be halted here and now.
  • Change is inevitable. Though she wielded powerful magic, Azshara could not hold back the tide. Such will be her fate once more.
  • May the tides claim them all.
  • My clan seeks vengeance for our fallen leader, but I have also been summoned here to do Neptulon's bidding.
  • Never lose hope, <name>. Even if it is all that remains...
  • Potent magic resides within these pearls. They may prove useful against the naga.
  • The elements have never spoken of a "mugglrgl"... This should prove interesting.
  • The elements have shown me visions of your Alliance, <name>. There is great courage and heroism among your clan.
  • The naga mercilessly enforce their will upon the elements. Put an end to their abhorrent practices.
  • The tides have whispered to me of your deeds, <class>. I am honored to fight by your side.
  • The Waveblade risk everything by remaining in Nazjatar. We must trust in the elements to keep us safe... or to grant us a swift death.
  • Though we may treasure our memories, some are best left forgotten.
  • To honor one's ancestors is a noble pursuit. But one must always remember to honor the elements as well.
  • We ankoan are a proud people. In all things, we strive for honor and respect. The naga are familiar with neither.



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