Fashion History and a Philosophy of Style

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NeutralFashion History and a Philosophy of Style

110 (Requires 110)




1g 83s 50c



Learn from Eliezer Hammerbeard how to create "flair and drama" in your wardrobe.

  • Listen to Eliezer's manifesto on style.


Greetings, <name>. I am a fashion historian and I have astonishing advancements in tailoring, leatherworking, and blacksmithing that I must share with you. Why?

A true legend is only as good as their ability to form an epic silhouette on the battlefield and--let's be honest--this is not where you shine.

Speak to me again if you wish to learn.


You will receive: 1g 83s 50c


Glad I could share the Hammerbeard System of Style and Taste with you. Are you ready to work for your legacy in your chosen profession?



Gossip ...

Eliezer Hammerbeard says: So you have! Very well, let's get started. I'll teach you all about the legendary armor you've always dreamed of making!

Gossip Let me hear your philosophy on style

I have some news for you, <Name>, everything you've learned about your profession to this point was child's play. There was no challenge to it, no fashion, no style, no grace!

Now, i am not merely a Fashion Historian, young <race>, i am also a philosopher and--I don't mind admitting--something of a style icon in these parts.

Gossip Do tell.

My patented Hammerbread System of Style and Taste is a natural philosophy of flair. Impeccably researched, fine tuned, and well tested by yours truly, the HSST philosophy will be underlying apparatus of your education.

The dangers will be many, <Name>, but the rewards are beyond your current capacity to understand!

Gossip Uh huh.

Your hands--delicate but powerful, hardened by battle yet skilled--are the only hands that you should trust to create garments or armor worthy of a hero.

Many of the legends of yore that you read of as a child were somewhat lackadaisical with spell and sword but they dressed--oh how they dressed! This is why we speak of them still.

Few know this and now you are one of them!

Gossip You've thought a lot about my hands.

Nevermind that! Think instead of the wasted potential of what you have made thus far!

It isn't all your fault, though you've certainly concentrated on deeds and functionality over style. Under the HSST system, you will remedy these failings and perhaps, at last, have a chance at actually becoming a legend.

The road is hard and full of peril.

Gossip Are you wrapping this up soon?

The impatience of youth

A craftsperson is only as good as his or her materials and the--let's face it--garbage you've been using thus far is a core reason why you look more like and accountant from Stormwind than a potential legend.

Think ahead--when they make paintings of you, the cut and weight of your clothing or armor will echo through history. Is that not what you've always wished for?

Gossip I'm starting to wish I'd chosen another profession.

You lack the appreciation for the gift I am giving you. The gift of guiding philosophy is one that most go their whole lives without, <Name>.

<sighs> Look, the point is that you will be judged throughout all time by what you wear and with my research and teaching, you will be able create legendary things that will set you apart from others. Let us start.

Gossip Let us hope this is worth it.

Now, most importantly: we must decide what type of armor you want to craft.
Choose carefully - your commendation only earns you one lesson.


Depending on your profession, you can choose from:

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