Fate's End (quest)

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AllianceFate's End

120 (Requires 120)




A [120] Opening the Way


A [120] Lost in Darkness


Travel to Fate's End and search for signs of Jaina.


Fate's End is a place in turmoil. The seas froth, the air cracks with thunder. We tried to settle there once, but each settlement disappeared into the mists, every soul never to be seen again. The island did not want inhabitants.

Now we send our most vile exiles there. They never return and no one knows why.

Should we find and recover Jaina, she will be the first. I hope we are not too late.


You will receive:


By the Tides, I thought we were done for.


You appeared to leave the island for a brief moment, then reappeared with that creature. Perhaps where it came from is where Jaina has gone.

Lady Katherine should be told of this development.


Hop on the boat:

Brother Pike says: I have never borne the burden of escorting any soul to Fate's End.
Brother Pike says: We tidesages are the only ones who can venture there safely, but even we remain in the water.
Brother Pike says: To even set foot upon that shore is to be condemned to death.
Brother Pike says: I do not know what we will find when we arrive at Fate's End, <name>.
Brother Pike says: I pray we find those we seek. But be wary. That island reeks of evil.
Brother Pike says: I will remain with our guides and serve as a beacon to guide you back to shore.
Brother Pike says: Good Luck.

Just onshore, Jaina's Staff lies discarded on some rubble. Interact with it and a Herald of Gorak Tul attacks!

Herald of Gorak Tul says: Thros consumes all! She is ours!

Defeat it:

Herald of Gorak Tul says: She will never... escape the Blighted Lands...
Gorak Tul says: Think you have won? Look around... What you seek is not here.
Gorak Tul says: Your lost little girl is in my keeping. Oh, how she weeps. Her suffering will be unending!


  1. A [120] What You May Regret
  2. A [120] Lost Shipment
  3. A [120] A Local Guide
  4. A [120] An Explosive Entrance
  5. A [120] The Keys to Success in Freehold
  6. A [120] Sweete's Strongbox
  7. A [120D] Tol Dagor: The Fourth Key
  8. A [120] The Mysterious Island
  9. A [120] A Forlorn Hope
  10. A [120] The Strength of the Storm & A [120] Ritual Effects
  11. A [120D] Shrine of the Storm: The Missing Ritual
  12. A [120] Opening the Way
  13. A [120] Fate's End
  14. A [120] Lost in Darkness
  15. A [120] Of Myth and Fable
  16. A [120] The Old Bear
  17. A [120] Nightmare Catcher & A [120] Buried Power & A [120] Hatred's Focus
  18. A [120D] Waycrest Manor: Draining the Heartsbane
  19. A [120] Into Darkness
  20. A [120] Runic Resistance
  21. A [120] Thros, the Blighted Lands
  22. A [120D] Siege of Boralus: Lady Ashvane's Return
  23. A [120] A Nation United

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