Fearsome Yacht

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Fearsome Yacht is a goblin prison ship of the highest caliber. It is used to transport prisoners — especially dangerous prisoners — from one location to another and, occasionally, as a permanent jail (housing prisoners on a ship reduces the possibility of escape). The Fearsome Yacht is an amalgamation of traditional shipbuilding and crazy goblin technology. Metal plates are bolted to the wooden walls, floors and ceilings at random places. The ship runs on both steam power, via a large boiler and a pair of waterwheels, and wind power, via two masts. The Yacht includes three levels: the deck, the mid level, and the bottom level.[1]

It was sent to Tol Barad in order to imprison there an orc warlock called Dak'mal who had been causing trouble on Kezan.[2] In their way there, Dak'mal used magic to make a tribe of murlocs attack and wreck the ship. Luckily, the goblins managed to get out in a lifeboat. A group of adventurers who was passing nearby decided to help the goblins and went into the wrecked ship while a storm begun to form. They fought the murlocs, and defeated the orc companion, a tauren runemaster called Umber Goonrock. After finding out Dak'mal was working with the Shadow Council, the adventurers confronted him and either killed or imprisoned the orc. Afterwards they returned with the goblins who sent them to Kezan where the trade princes would pay them for their efforts. Once there, if the heroes had captured Dak'mal and had also repaired the yatch, they were rewarded with a great amount of gold.[3]


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