Feather of the Moonspirit

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  • Feather of the Moonspirit
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Unlocks the Moonspirit appearance for the Fangs of Ashamane.
  • Classes: Druid
  • "A single feather from a reclusive wild god. With it, a Druid of the Claw could learn to master a previously unseen form."

The Feather of hte Moonspirit unlocks the Moonspirit appearance for the Fangs of Ashamane artifact.


To begin the process of obtaining this item druids must first reach Artifact Knowledge rank 4. Upon reaching rank 4, once a day players may receive an emote in the Emerald Dreamway. There is a chance that no emote will be seen and no stone to click that day. The emote will either mention Feralas, Hinterlands or Duskwood. The emote may take upwards of 30 seconds to appear after entering the Emerald Dreamway.

You hear a strange feral screech coming from the Hinterlands portal.
You hear a strange feral screech coming from the Duskwood portal.
You hear a strange feral screech coming from the Feralas portal.

Go through the portal that was mentioned in the emote and search for a Mark of the Moonspirit. They are blue stones with a bird claw print on the front and can be in various locations around the portal. Once clicked a 20 second buff will be applied and another emote will appear in chat.

You hear something dart away behind you… and then just silence.

After clicking on a stone in each zone Ela'lothen will appear in the center of the Emerald Dreamway. Doing a /sit emote in front of it while in [Cat Form] will place the feather in the player's inventory.

Using the following script can help to keep track of whether the player has received an emote or not that day, which stone is active and which of the stones have already been clicked. If Event reads true but no emote is seen then there is no stone that day.

/script for q,i in pairs({["Event"]=44326,["Feralas Act"]=44327,["Hinter Act"]=44328,["Dusk Act"]=44329,["Feralas Tou"]=44331,["Hinter Tou"]=44332,["Duskwood Tou"]=44330})do print(q,IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(i))end

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