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Gender Male
Race Wildhammer dwarf
Affiliation(s) Wildhammer clan
Occupation Gryphon breeder & trainer
Location Shadra'Alor, Hinterlands
Status Deceased

Featherbeard was an honored Wildhammer dwarf who was a gryphon breeder and trainer. He lived in Featherbeard's Hovel.


When Ambassador Rualeth was seeking audience with Falstad Wildhammer in Aerie Peak, he sent one of his messenger to his hovel to ask him to come and speak with him in order to try and sway Falstad and be granted an audience faster. When the messenger arrived, he found the residence to be empty, trying to find clues to see what became of Featherbeard, he found his journal and read it. Reading the most recent pages he found out about the dwarf's concern about the increasing number of Witherbark troll raids on the Wildhammer gryphon aeries and a rash of egg thefts. He also wrote that he believed that a witch doctor named Mai'jin was behind the raids. On his final note, the messenger read that the dwarf travailed to Shadra'Alor to find the missing eggs.[1]

Wanting to fill his master's request, the messenger traveled into troll territory to find what became of the dwarf. When climbing to the top of an altar, he found dwarven remains. Searching on the corpse he assumed belonged to the dwarf, he found  [Featherbeard's Map] with several Xs on it. Following them carefully, he found the missing eggs and returned to his master. Ambassador Rualeth was saddened by the news and wished the dwarf asked for help before going. The ambassador also stated that this will increase the hostility between the trolls and the time for his audience.[2]