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Fel Commander Igrius

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MobFel Commander Igrius
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Gender Male
Race Fel lord (Demon)
Level 100 - 104
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Felsoul Hold, Suramar
Status Killable

Fel Commander Igrius is a fel lord located in Felsoul Hold at Suramar.


  • "yells: Bathe them in hellfire! Halt their advance!"
  • "DIE!"
  • "Do you crave death, elf? Do you dare face my lord's wrath alone?"
  • "Finish the portal, damn you! We must protect the wards!"
  • "Mo'arg, to the front! This has gone on long enough."
  • "Master... I have... failed..."
  • "You have gone far enough, mortal. This ends here."
  • "Your life is forfeit!"


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