Fel Stamina

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Fel Stamina
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  • Fel Stamina (3 ranks)
  • Demonology, Tier 3
  • Increases the Stamina of your Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, Felhunter and Felguard by X% and increases your maximum health by Y%.
Points required


Talent required



Fel Stamina was a talent in the Demonology tree, you would need to spend 13 points in Demonology to max it.

Rank table

Rank +% Stamina +% Health
1 1% 2%
2 2% 4%
3 3% 6%


4-5 ranks can mean 1-2 more hits required to kill your Voidwalker up until the end-game instances. When combined with 3 ranks of Improved Voidwalker it actually makes him an excellent soloing tank so long as you don't spam shadowbolts from the outset of the fight.

5 ranks will make a serious difference in the staying power for your Felhunter when you're fighting higher-level caster mobs because more HP means it will take them more spells to kill him, which in turn gives them more chances to re-cast their defensive spells which Felhunters love to devour.

The Succubus and Imp won't get as much out of this talent as the other two. They benefit more from [Fel Intellect] than Fel Stamina.

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