Fel Tracker Owner's Manual

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  • Fel Tracker Owner's Manual
  • Binds when picked up
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Information on how to control your new Felhound Tracker."

The Fel Tracker Owner's Manual describes how to control a Felhound Tracker, which are trained to locate Azsharite formations.


This item is contained in a  [Felhound Tracker Kit] which is provided for N [58G] Azsharite.


Fel Tracker Owner's Manual

The Conjuring of the Beast:

To conjure the Felhound Tracker, you must use the supplied  [Fel Orb].


The conjured Felhound Tracker will only remain as an entity in this world for thirty minutes.

The conjured Felhound Tracker will only assist you in finding Azsharite formations.

The conjured Felhound Tracker WILL NOT do the following: Tricks, attack anything, assist anything, dance, destroy arcane beings.

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The Control of the Beast:

Felhound Trackers only respond to beastial roars. In order to get your Felhound Tracker to track Azsharite formations, you must roar at it with vigor! (Target the Felhound Tracker and /roar).

When the Felhound Tracker locates a formation, he will sprint to the formation with little to no regard for the entities that surround him. While you do not need to protect the Felhound, you may want to stay close so that you do not lose him.

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The Disposal of the Beast:

After thirty minutes, the beast will return to its home in the Nether.


In its fervor, the beast MAY run off cliffs or fall off a mountain. Don't mourn the loss of the Felhound Tracker, summon another one instead.

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