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Fel beast
A fel beast in Hearthstone.

Fel beasts[1] (also known as fel core hounds)[2] are rare creatures similar to core hounds, but made of green fel energies instead of lava.

The ones in Shadowmoon Valley were spawned from the Hand of Gul'dan, but they are not unique to Outland since Baelmon the Hound-Master summons them from a world on the other side of Death's Door. After the Opening of the Dark Portal some fel beasts stormed into Azeroth and after the Cataclysm one made his residence in the Blasted Lands.



As a mount

Main article: Steelbound Harness

 [Steelbound Harness] can be crafted by Blacksmiths.

As a hunter pet

Main article: Core hounds as a hunter pet

Fel beasts are part of the core hound family of exotic Ferocity pets, only being tamable by hunters with [Exotic Beasts]. Fel beasts can be found in Shadowmoon Valley or Tol Barad, but unfortunately only Mob Uvuros knows [Ancient Hysteria].


  • FelBeast is the name used for the sound files for core hounds, void hounds, fel beasts, and nian.