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Felbound Drudge

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NeutralFelbound Drudge
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Gender Male
Race Broken (Humanoid)
Level 110
Health 1,542,585
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Argussian Reach
Location Krokuun
Status Alive

Felbound Drudges are krokul slaves, imprisoned by the Burning Legion to do arduous work. They can be found on Argus. When heroes first invade Argus, they can be seen around Darkfall Ridge, working for their masters. Most of them have seemed to have lost hope, and cower at the Legion. However, a small resistance led by Chieftain Hatuun have escaped the Legion's grasp and taken refuge in Krokul Hovel.

Objective of


When liberated in Darkfall Ridge
Felbound Drudge says: Must resist. Must fight. Must survive.
Felbound Drudge says: There is no fighting them. With each death they return!
Felbound Drudge says: Our souls fuel their magic. Even death has no solace.
Felbound Drudge says: The earth writhes in agony. All life fuel for the fel.
Felbound Drudge says: The Light cannot be found here. Only death.
Felbound Drudge says: Do not go near. You too will perish.
Felbound Drudge says: They will not find us all. Not in the shadows.
Felbound Drudge says: Those who disobey are sent to the forest. None return.

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