Felguard Annihilator

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CombatFelguard Annihilator
Image of Felguard Annihilator
Gender Male
Race Felguard (Demon)
Level 62-71 Elite
Health 15,000 - 28,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Blood Furnace

Felguard Annihilator are felguards inside Blood Furnace.

Attacks and abilities

Located just before the final boss, and pulls in groups of 2 along with a warlock that will occasionally buff them.

On non-heroic, these Felguards will use a random second target system (RSTS) Intercept, and will also RSTS [Pummel] any spells being cast nearby their target. They will frequently drop aggro on the tank, meaning the tank is using all of his Taunts frequently.

On non-heroic, can be banished or enslaved. On heroic, can only be kited or banished, but not enslaved.

In heroic mode, the felguard annihilators are a source of wipes. Best results require either a warlock, a hunter, a druid spamming Cyclone, or flawless kiting. They one-shot every class which is not wearing plate (or bear), crits of up to 16k are reported (on non-tanks). They seem vulnerable to some stun abilities (Feral Druid ability "Bash" confirmed), which can make double-tanking much more viable. One major difference on these mobs in heroic is they can be tanked, unlike in normal where they will generally run around hitting random players. Because of the extreme damage they deal, one flaw will usually mean a wipe. The boss fights (including the end boss) offer a greater margin of error than these guys.


Kill the orc first, then try to tank the felguards as best as possible. A hunter or warlock pet can be invaluable to try to keep the attention of the second felguard. Once it's down to a single felguard, the tank should be able to hold aggro well enough by taunting whenever the felguard leaves him.

If you are struggling with these pulls, there are a couple of tricks that you can try. One is to pull with a Mind-Control of the orc warlock and let the felguards kill him, reducing the pull by 1 mob. Another is to pull with Enslave if you have a warlock in your group, then let the other 2 mobs kill the enslaved felguard. This is probably the easiest method, though you don't get experience for the death of a mind-controlled mob.

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